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An easy way to steam treats without special equipment

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Photograph: freeskyline/Shutterstock.com

Steaming is one of the ways to cook food in a healthy way without using oil. When many people hear about this method, they immediately think that they will need expensive boilers or special devices, but there is no need for it.

Of course, if you are dexterous and plan to use the steaming method on a daily basis, purchasing special tools will make the cooking process easier, but if you want to enjoy steamed meals once in a while, there is absolutely no need to invest. additional funds to purchase extra tools that will probably collect more dust than will actually be used.

And most likely, everything you need for a simplified steaming process is available at home.

A pot that doesn’t fall over the pot but can be tilted, a lid and a heatproof strainer – yes, it’s that simple.

Photograph: Chantarat/Shutterstock.com

Once you have the necessary tools, all that’s left is to start the steaming process, which is again simple.

Prepare the products you want to steam steam as you planned.

Pour water into the pot, wait until it boils and steam begins to come out. Then put the products on top of the colander, cover with a lid and let the steam do its magic.

After a while, check the readiness of the products by carefully opening the lid without getting burned by the steam. If necessary, replace the more outward items with those in the middle so that they too have sufficient heat and can cook.

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