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Strega Prize 2023, five finalists known: participating authors and books

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Rosella Postorino with “I’ve limited myself to loving you” (Feltrinelli) leads with 217 votes. Followed by the disappearance of Ada D’Adamo with “Come d’aria” (Elliot), Maria Grazia Calandrone with “Where you did not bring me” (Einaudi), Andrea Canobbio with “The night crossing” (The ship of Theseus) and Romana Petri with “Stealing the Night” (Mondadori)

The five books and authors finalists for the Witches Prize 2023 have been announced: they are Rosella Postorino, with “I have limited myself to loving you” (217 votes); Ada d’Adamo, with “Come d’aria” (199 voices); Maria Grazia Calandrone, with “Where you didn’t take me” (189 votes); Andrea Canobbio, with “The night crossing” (175 voices); Romana Petri, with “Stealing the night” (167 votes). The announcement came during the event in Benevento, while the final will take place in Rome on July 6.

Strega Giovani, Ada d’Adamo wins with Come d’Aria

Ada d’Adamo, with the novel “Come d’Aria” (Elliot), was announced yesterday as the winner of the tenth edition of the Premio Strega Giovani, promoted by the Maria and Goffredo Bellonci Foundation and by Strega Alberti. Born in Ortona in Abruzzo in 1967, the author died after a long illness on April 1, shortly after entering the 2023 Strega Prize with her debut novel in January 2023. According to regulations, the work remained in competition. The prize was collected by her husband Alfredo Favi. Ada d’Adamo’s, with 83 out of 503 expressed preferences, was the book with the most votes by a jury of girls and boys between 16 and 18 years old from 91 secondary schools in Italy and abroad. Second and third place went to Rosella Postorino, author of I limited myself to loving you (Feltrinelli), with 64 votes, and Carmen Verde, author of Una minima infelicita (Neri Pozza), with 60 votes. The three books receive a valid vote for the nomination of the finalists for the Strega Prize.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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