Italian daily Corriere della Sera reports a brief statement by the French Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, published at 10:42 am on 8 June: “Several people, including children, were wounded by a man armed with a knife in the square in Annecy. The man was arrested thanks to the very quick intervention of the police. The information was quickly spread by many foreign media.

At present, the number of victims of this attack is still unknown, and according to the latest information, there are four injured children, two of whom are in danger of life, and one adult, whose condition is also life-threatening.

The attacker, the London newspaper clarifies, was a Syrian. unknown to law enforcement. According to several consistent sources cited in the French press, the 32-year-old entered France legally and applied for asylum in November 2022.

Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne said she was on her way to the scene of the attack. “A minute of silence was observed in the National Assembly”, note la republic.

The Italian newspaper is cautious: “We do not know the motives of a person who would not make any claims, and the anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office is not currently investigating.” However, for the Roman daily “The Annecy attack will remind many French people of the 2012 attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse.”