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Children’s books, eight June novelties from 1 to 10 years

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End of school and start of vacation: an important milestone for young readers who can finally devote themselves solely to the books they are passionate about. Here are eight proposals to read under the umbrella. Enjoy reading!

Books for one-year-olds

Where’s my turtle?

Usborne, 2023

An addition to the ‘Carezzalibri Usborne’ series dedicated to sea turtles. The tactile inserts and simple, repetitive text are specially designed for baby’s sensory and linguistic development.

Books for 3 year olds

Brave bears

by Emily Hughes and Sean Taylor

EDT-Giralangle, 2023

Papa Bear takes his little one on a day of affectionate, casual adventure. Their being together is a hymn to the normality of a special relationship.

Books for 4 year olds

There is no one like you

by Isabel Cuesta – Daniel Perez

A tender story about the bond that connects everyone to the most special person there is

«Do this», «Do that»: Josi Coniglio has had enough of mom’s rules! So he decides to live with his friends Lara Topo, Rafi Tasso, Fipsi Scoiattolo and his cousin Pepi. The days go by… but what is that strange feeling that pricks his heart? Won’t he miss his mother?

Books for 5 year olds

In the zoo. Animated books

Usborne, 2023

Sometimes a book with flaps is enough to become a zookeeper, if only for a day. Between preparing meals, visits to the vet, cleaning the animal enclosures and the most unexpected surprises, there really is no pause!

Books for 7 year olds

You are cool! A guide to making friends

from Poppy O’Neill

A practical guide that combines the proven techniques of cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness with simple activities to help children build their self-esteem and confidence. With the help of Blip – a friendly and uplifting character they can identify with – children are guided through fun and engaging activities, interspersed with useful advice, inspirational quotes and practical information for parents.

Books for 8 year olds

2 detectives and 1 dachshund

by Enrico Marigonda

The Beaver, 2021

A case to solve. A friend to save. A team of brilliant detectives who are ready for anything!

Books for 9 year olds

The cases of Agata and Jamila. The missing gecko

by Gillian Gorz

The Beaver, 2023

Like Sherlock Holmes and Watson, Agata and Jamila are on hand to track down a mysterious thief in an investigation full of twists and turns!

Jamila has just moved to a new city and has no friends, at least until she meets Agata. Sure, Agata seems a bit odd, but both girls need a plan to survive the summer, so we might as well be friends. And then Agata has a special secret… She’s the detective that all the kids in the neighborhood go to!

Books for 10 year olds

Handbook of young mangaka. Bread and manga

by Catherine Rocchi

Mondadori Electa, 2023

Caterina Rocchi, the young founder of the Lucca Manga School, has specialized in spreading the profession of manga artist. This manual of young mangakas, which will remind even the elderly of the classic manual of young marmots, is at the same time a practical and fun book, teaching the little ones the basics to start drawing manga, with the methodologies already applied at Lucca Manga School for years.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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