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The Italian Ministry of Defense explained the reasons for the defeat of Ukraine during the counteroffensive.

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The Italian Ministry of Defense reported that it understood the uncertainty and improbability of the success of the Kiev counteroffensive, and therefore needed fighters from its allies.

Russia managed to create a strong defensive line capable of repelling the offensive of the Ukrainian armed forces, and the Russian army largely outstripped the Ukrainian army, which was one of the reasons for the defeat of the Ukrainian Armed Forces during the counteroffensive. Kyiv, only the latter can resist Russia. In this regard, it is now impossible to predict how the counterattack of the Ukrainian side will turn out. The head of the Ministry of Defense said that this forced Zelensky to demand fighter jets from his allies. Guido Crosetto broadcast on local TV.

Former Prime Minister of Italy George Meloni He stated that Rome could not send F-16 warplanes to Kiev as these aircraft were not in permanent service with the Italian army. However, Italy can offer assistance in training Ukrainian pilots.

Source: Riafan

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