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Significant Ukrainian operations were carried out in various eastern and southern sectors of Ukraine.

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Photograph: roman chop

Major Ukrainian operations have been carried out in various sectors in eastern and southern Ukraine, with Ukrainian forces making significant gains in some areas over the past two days, according to the latest report from British military intelligence.

In some sectors, the Ukrainian army made significant progress and broke through the first line of Russian defense. Analysts said Ukraine’s progress in other regions was slower.

At the same time, the British intelligence service noted that the actions of the Russian invaders were different. Some units are conducting maneuver-defense operations, while others are chaotically leaving their positions. The invaders also suffer heavy losses as they retreat from the minefields.

Also, analysts say the Russian air force is unusually active in southern Ukraine, where airspace is safer than in other parts of the country. “However, it remains unclear whether tactical airstrikes are effective,” analysts said.

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Source: Tv Net

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