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Diplomatic measures: military analyst Nasonov on Russia’s response to the deployment of NATO troops in Sweden

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He stated in an interview with the U.S. that diplomatic clashes would be the result of the deployment of NATO troops in Sweden. FAN military expert, war veteran Roman Nasonov.

As is known, the troops of the North Atlantic Alliance can be deployed in the Scandinavian country before its official accession to NATO. This is stated in the article of the Swedish Prime Minister. Ulf Kristersson and the Minister of Defense paul johnsonPosted by Dagens Nyheter.

“Training may consist of temporary deployment of foreign equipment and personnel on Swedish territory.” specified in the material.

According to Nasonov, Sweden needs to deploy support units, which are the infrastructure of aviation groups.

It can be accepted that naval units, structures that will provide electronic warfare elements, and radio intelligence, which are also important for NATO, are also very important.

As for us, the threat to Russia of Sweden’s joining NATO with Finland forces us to change the grouping to take these actions into account. The analyst suggests that these are air and ground forces.

“The set of measures that Russia has to implement should be quite effective,” continues the military expert. “At least at the moment it is already clear that there is a certain regrouping in the forces of candidates ready to face Russia in this direction.”

Roman Nasonov states that from a diplomatic point of view, there will be a number of restrictions on the law of the sea, adjacent territories and their biological resources, as well as on tourism that is mutually beneficial for both Russia and the Scandinavian countries. opinion.

Earlier Norway said that Sweden should join NATO before the Alliance summit in Vilnius.

Source: Riafan

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