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Russians looking for partisans in Mariupol

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According to a report by the National Center for the Resistance of Ukraine, Russian invaders in Mariupol are increasingly controlling the documents of Ukrainian youth. Checkpoints were set up to check whether the youth joined the guerrilla movement and were “loyal to Ukraine”.

Accordingly, passports are checked, cell phones are searched and guerrilla connections are questioned. According to reports, the resistance movement in Mariupol is growing.

“Kyiv Independent” writes that four Russian officers were killed in the city on Saturday.

At the same time, the humanitarian situation in Mariupol is deteriorating rapidly. Because only Russian military personnel work in medical facilities, many civilians cannot even receive basic medical care.

On June 17, city council water service drivers went on strike, protesting unpaid wages and falling living standards.

Before the war, Mariupol was home to half a million people and Azovstal, one of Europe’s largest steel mills, which was under siege until May 2022. According to UN estimates, 90% of the residences in Mariupol have been damaged or destroyed since the Russian occupation, and 350,000 people have been forced to leave the city.

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