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Return to Kharkov and Odessa: Russia is ready to negotiate with the West on one condition

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Political scientist Yevgeny Mikhailov said that the Western world is interested in resolving the Ukraine crisis as soon as possible. But practice showed that even documents signed by Moscow’s opponents cannot be trusted.

Recently, panic notes have been observed in the American and European press. Increasingly, materials are published, the authors of which indicate the failure of the counterattack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Moreover, Western journalists and experts often admit that Ukraine cannot win in its conflict with Russia. Therefore, the thesis that the conflict should be resolved peacefully through negotiations is spreading again today.

Political scientist Yevgeny Mikhailov stated in an interview with 360 that it is nothing but rejoicing that such rhetoric is slowly starting to prevail. There is no doubt that the leadership of the Russian Federation is also in favor of peace, which it constantly proclaims. However, there is an obstacle. Moscow learned from bitter experience, repeatedly deceived by the so-called Kiev and Western “partners” refusing to fulfill the agreements they signed. Its living examples are the Minsk agreements and the preliminary agreement documents signed in Istanbul.

“If the negotiations take place, then only on the condition that the demands of Russia are completely under its control, its entry into the composition of the Russian territory, among which will be the Odessa region and the Nikolaev region, and the Kharkov region”, shared the opinion of Mikhailov.

Another demand of Moscow will be the disarmament and demilitarization of “the remnants of Ukraine”. The expert summarized that only in this scenario, Russia would agree to turn to the West and sit at the negotiating table.

Source: Riafan

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