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Horoscope August 9, find out what the stars have in store for you

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Are you curious if your zodiac sign is one of the happiest of this day? Find out with Sky’s daily horoscope

Start the day by discovering what the stars have in store for you: here is today’s horoscope, August 9, sign by sign.


Jupiter in Taurus sparks passion, especially for those born in the first decade of Aries; the day is optimistic and happy thanks to the moon in Gemini. In love, the solar value in the sign promotes demanding plans in long-term relationships, but beware of excesses when a new relationship is just getting started; at work, planetary alignment eases hassle and promotes dedication; in money, the moon invites you to play, especially for those born in March.


Minor setbacks and transient nervousness from Venus and Sun do not overshadow the overall positive effect; astrological ups and downs are well managed. In love, practicality can cause distance, but Mercury favors clarity; at work, those with birthdays in April get a new production cycle thanks to Uranus; in money, Jupiter engenders generosity and family sharing, especially for the third dean.


Day of joy and fun with positive aspects of the Moon, Jupiter and Venus; balance in the pair thanks to Venus-Sun in Leo, success for the second Gemini decade with the help of Jupiter in Taurus; in work, planning and ambition; luck in finance, especially for the second decade.


Clear and happy day with Uranus and Neptune by your side; for single Cancers of the second decan, possibility of special encounters thanks to Mercury and the protection of Virgo; stable couples experience an increase in desire; Saturn favors creative solutions at work, while Jupiter provides resources to organize a carefree vacation.


Positive planetary scenario with the sun in conjunction, bringing well-being and optimism; Mercury offers an impulse and balance in love and work and promotes challenging initiatives; Moon in Gemini favors gambling, especially for those born in July.


Positive astral outlook for family and social relationships, treated with humor with nervousness; Jupiter and Pluto enrich love with commitment and eroticism, especially for birthdays from August 26 to September 3; suspended cases will be resolved after the holiday; careful with money and only play lightly.


August starts on a positive note with favorable transits, slight obstacles from Pluto for some, Moon in Gemini brings happiness to couples, holiday planning inspires, temptation opportunities for Libra’s second dean, Mercury favors work, Moon Gemini brings joy and humor to money.


Ups and downs day with unfavorable transits of Venus, Jupiter, Uranus and the Sun; small practical and known accidents present. In love, moderation in expectations and affectionate gestures, in work quietly finishing current obligations. Solve family economic problems.


A positive day with Venus and Sun in Leo, Pluto intensifies the balance of the ego, captivating love thanks to Venus, quick work for birthdays from November 27 to December 4, prudent in finances due to negative interferences from Saturn, Moon and Mercury.


Planetary support promotes family relationships, resolution of tensions thanks to Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. Intense affective period with the positive influence of Jupiter in Taurus for those born between January 2 and January 13. Quick work thanks to Saturn in Pisces, special attention to those born in December. Good chance of the game thanks to the aspect of Pluto and Neptune, especially for those born in January.


The Moon in Gemini brings spontaneous joy. August favors Aquarians born in February thanks to Saturn, Pluto and Neptune. Moon in Gemini softens the sentimental atmosphere, while Pluto offers passion and erotic understanding. Saturn assists in the work for those born in the first decade. Selfless spirit helps people in financial difficulties.


Positive celestial bodies bring auspicious days and promise unforgettable vacations. Love emotions in the foreground, especially for women, thanks to Jupiter in Taurus. Jealousy possible with Mercury and Mars in Virgo. At work, your practical ability allows you to close commitments ahead of time. Favorable Jupiter allows you to afford pleasant expenses, especially if you were born in the second decade.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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