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In the nine circles of Putin’s hell: A single father from Mariupol raising his three children alone in Riga

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Yevgenii Mezhevoj, a single father from Mariupol, currently lives in Riga. She is raising her three children alone, the youngest of whom is 8 months old. The man is 40 years old, but he feels like a 70-year-old man; This is how intense the life experience has been since February 24, 2022. 45 days in the famous “Yelenovka” prison in Donetsk, where many people did not return alive, meanwhile unaware of the existence of children in Putin’s “re-education camp” near Moscow, and perhaps Zhenya’s biggest fight. life – about children for whom the father’s love achieves the impossible.

To have tea in a small three-room flat in Kengaraga on Saturday afternoon, the family had to pass through nine circles of hell created by Putin. Yevgeny is raising his three children alone: ​​Matvey (13), Svyatoslav (9) and Alexander (7). The mother left the family when her youngest daughter was only eight months old. The children cannot sit still, and this turmoil is periodically interrupted by the father’s determined voice. His voice is so warm that you immediately feel that the bond between these four is unbreakable. I will listen to Yevgeny’s story for two hours almost non-stop, and it will surpass award-winning Hollywood thrillers.

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