Since September 12, eight Belgian schools have been hit by fires and/or defaced with graffiti condemning the Evras program, an acronym for “education for relational, emotional and sexual life,” it is reported. Evening. This subject was already part of the objectives of French-language education, but now a new decree requires at least two two-hour classes per school year: one in the sixth grade and one in what in France corresponds to the second grade.

Depending on the age of the students and based on the questions they formulate themselves, teachers consider topics such as emotions, consent, sexuality, gender identity, contraception or, again, pornography prevention.

But this program “is the subject of various oppositions”, continues Evening. Some parents are upset, especially on religious grounds, about the ability to talk about sexuality or gender identity with children, especially before puberty, and believe that this is not the role of the school. Others question how this activity is carried out. “Although it’s normal for parents to ask questions, writes on its website public media RTBF, it is also likely that some were influenced by misinformation.” Because the last one