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The Witch: the apotheosis of Roylo and the Twitter/X split over the premiere

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In the first scene, we saw Teofano (Elli Tringu) witness a bloody battle in which no one survived. Having decided to commit suicide, her “other” self woke her up, telling her that she was not dead, but “now being born”. And somewhere there her plot began to unfold WitchWith Main characters Ellie Tryngu, Yorgos Gallos, Tasso Nucia, Katerina Leshu and Anastasi Roylos discover the absolute apotheosis on Twitter/X. But there were quite a lot of them negative comments which did not concern the acting skills of the actors in the new crime plot of ANT1. You read the tweets below to find out whether you agree or disagree.

The Witch: Apotheosis of the series and actors

Anastasis Roilos-Elli Tringu: The main characters – and – at their apotheosis

Negative reviews received by the series

(Honest) counter-argument to the Witch’s negative comments

The Witch is a crime story with some metaphysical elements, high tension and mystery. I don’t think a historical series has ever been filmed with such brilliance, since what makes it special is that generally little is known about the specific era. We did some research, but I decided to digress from historical events for the dramatic part. Because as a team, we love creating characters that will stay with the audience and be memorable for each individual.”– among other things, the director mentioned, and his words were confirmed from the very first episode.

Source: Lady Like

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