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Horoscope for September 27, discover what the stars have in store for you

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Are you curious whether your zodiac sign is one of the happiest on this day? Find out with Sky’s daily horoscope

Start your day by discovering what the stars have in store for you: here is the horoscope for today, September 27, sign by sign.


Today, Neptune favors harmony in the family, especially for those born between April 15 and 18. Saturn in Pisces increases your sensitivity, allowing you to sense the moods of others. This results in your ability to see into the distance and perceive the entire situation. Maintain a balanced attitude in love to avoid misunderstandings caused by opposing planetary forces. Venus and Saturn bring success to Aries singles. At work, complete the month’s activities seriously, supported by Uranus. Financially, you will face a complex situation and meet distant relatives. Thanks to Neptune you are flexible and can adapt to any unexpected event.


A stress-free day is your wish, especially if you were born in May. Today’s horoscope seems to support this endeavor, thanks to the positive effects of Jupiter in your sign. In love, Saturn invites you to enjoy the company of your peers with your better half. There can be engaging and fun celebrations to share with friends and loved ones. On the work front, the stars promise moderate success and will test you to demonstrate your worth. Take the time to plan the coming months, without thoughts or worries. On the financial side, they may request your intervention in connection with a family economic issue, which is, however, not directly related to your financial situation. Your balanced advice is highly appreciated.


Your ideal is inner harmony, also reflected in the physical. The friendly sun of artistic Libra favors you with art that satisfies the spirit. The positivity of the planets reflects on the physical form. Love: Single Geminis meet new people today. Work: diligent professional commitment and advancement through good relationships with leaders. Money: Possible real estate investment recommended by an expert friend.


The month of Cancer ends on a good note, overcoming obstacles through flexibility. Autumn brings improvements, even if problems remain to be solved in the areas of private life and money management. In love, delicacy and attention to the needs of the loved one. At work, sprinting and the ability to defend yourself from last minute problems. The economies are not suffering, but we have to be careful with our spending.


At the end of September, clear and indistinguishable in front of the sign. Revived sports skills, team games and water activities are combined with the desire for exercise and ensure excellent health. Venus gives family harmony. One third Leonine decade, dive into new adventures. As a couple, resolving misunderstandings and everything goes smoothly. Beneficial Mars offers organizational solutions. Jupiter hinders the working hours for the second decan. Costs measured thanks to Mercury close to Virgo.


At the end of September, Mercury is in a favorable aspect in your sign, bringing harmony. Saturn causes a sedentary attitude in those born in August. Pluto strengthens the body, while Venus, Uranus and Jupiter ignite passion. Plenty of work thanks to your tireless energy. Show generosity towards colleagues thanks to Jupiter.


Today, with the beneficial presence of the Mars-Sun duo in your sign, you can enjoy pleasant entertainment and discover new sights. Venus in Leo favors family relationships and unexpected encounters. Physical fitness does not necessarily require intense exercise; even a good book or a good movie can recharge you. Love makes you communicative and dynamic with new acquaintances, while at work you can fulfill obligations in a relaxed atmosphere. Be careful with your finances and do not be tempted by risky deals, look for other options to invest your savings.


Nowadays, mobility will be crucial for you: running, jogging and swimming. Mercury guides your path. Capricorn offers you a positive ally, Pluto, who will help you burn calories and lose excess weight, especially if you were born in November. Neptune illuminates your mind and spirit. If you are in love, be respectful of your partner and interested in his concrete and professional life. Remember that selfishness is not love, especially if you were born between November 2 and November 16. You may feel confused at work, but a spark of brilliance will help you close deals in a positive way, especially if you’re a freelancer. With Saturn, October ensures that you handle money in a balanced and careful manner. A future investment will pay extraordinary dividends.


Today, friendship relationships are in the foreground: beware of self-centeredness and discussion. Mars Libra makes the day less monotonous. Family requires more presence and trust to avoid conflict. Libra Sun strengthens summer love for November. As a couple, Venus likes to listen to needs. Beware of emotional instability. Do bosses cause you stress? Results, dedication and Venus will solve everything. Usually you are generous, but today Saturn can make you frugal or tight, especially if you belong to the first decade. Be careful, your sign can be excessive in both scrimping and splurging.


Cultural day with visits to museums, exhibitions and artistic events, thanks to Saturn in Pisces and Pluto in combination with your sign. Dare to do reckless physical activities in the mountains if you have the right skill and age. Love spurred by Mars and Sun in Libra to come out of the shell, with erotic successes thanks to Neptune and Uranus. Do you work in the art, fashion and creativity sector? Uranus offers opportunities to emerge, especially for those born in the third decade. Finances in order and excellent autumn prospects, especially for freelancers, thanks to Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn as exceptional coaches. For all three decades.


A day full of happiness as the Sun and Mars smile at you. Your charm radiates in the company of nice friends. Prefer trips to the seaside and aperitifs in the open air. In love, deep harmony as a couple. Venus is grumpy for singles, but you will soon get your charm back. At work, altruism and technical skills set you apart. Beware of compulsive spending, evaluate whether you really need what you want to buy.


This month represents a period of fun and vacation for you, in line with your independent nature. Thanks to the positive influence of Jupiter, you will enjoy mental well-being, a positive mind and excellent physical condition. When you are in love, celebrate your birthday between March 9 and 14, you experience a profound emotional unity. Singles may experience temporary loneliness in February, but soon they will meet great love. At work, Neptune offers support in your professional evolution. Don’t be distracted by unclear situations. Financially, buying a property is a real possibility thanks to Jupiter and Uranus.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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