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Easter eggs: how to remove paint from hands

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Gently lay eggs with a spoon to land smoothly and avoid accidents. The result is very bright after finishing you polished them with a little oil.

You put your eggs on your plate and looked down at your hands. Red, it wasn’t red. While you were wearing gloves, your fingers were covered in paint.

The most basic is move as quickly as possible so that the paint does not “drink” the skin σου. No, it won’t work, but it will be a little more difficult for you.

Are we in trouble now? Egg paint will come out of your hands quickly and easily.

Tip 1

Put a little acetone on a cotton swab and gently rub the area filled with egg dye.

Tip 2

Stir with a spoon butter with sugarso much so that it becomes a viscous mixture. You’ve just created a natural scrub that will remove egg dye from your hands. The same mixture is ideal for daily exfoliation of your body.

Tip 3

the spoon baking soda and a few drops of vinegar. You rub and clean.

Source: Lady Like

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