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The new BMW seven surprises with design and technology: details, photos and video electric car

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The new generation BMW 7 Series has grown in size and has received an electric version.

The new BMW 7 Series 2023 was presented in Germany. The seventh generation of the flagship sedan (G70 body) made a real technological breakthrough. Besides petrol versions, the electric car BMW i7 is offered for the first time. This is reported by the official website of the company.

2023 BMW 7 Series design

The BMW 7 Series G70 sedan is the second model in the new corporate identity (after the updated X7 crossover). Its main feature is narrow two-fold headlights. In addition, the enlarged radiator grille and unusual recessed door handles attract attention.

The BMW seven is placed on a new platform, where it has become noticeably larger than its predecessor – 5390 mm long and 3200 mm wheelbase.

Saloon and equipment BMW 7 Series 2023

The interior is familiar from the same X7 and BMW iX electric crossover. The virtual instrument cluster display and multimedia are grouped in a single block. Small touchscreens have appeared on the rear doors, and a large 31-inch overhead monitor is also available for rear passengers.

All BMW 7 Series 2023 received air suspension and adaptive shock absorbers. Options include steerable rear wheels and advanced Level 2 autopilot that keeps your hands off the wheel.

Technical specifications of the BMW 7 Series 2023

From the start, petrol turbo engines 3.0 l (380 hp) and 4.4 l (543 hp)is supported with a hybrid installation. The power of the BMW i7 2023 is also 543 liters with. So far about diesels – not a word.

The BMW electric car is slower than its 4.4-liter counterpart – it starts up to 100 km / h 4.5 sec and develops 240km/h In the gasoline version, these numbers are 4.4 sec and 250 km/h, respectively. i7 equipped with a battery capacity of 101.7 kWh and will exceed the range 500 km.

It will be possible to purchase the BMW 7 Series later this year for $94,295 for the petrol version and $120,295 for the electric version. The i7 will start accepting pre-orders this month.

Previously Focus Mercedes-Benz reports that it has introduced an expensive electric crossover EQS SUV with a range of 600 km.

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