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A Ukrainian turned the hunchbacked Zaporozhets into an original pickup truck (photo)

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Zaporozhets became front-engined and received an engine and transmission from Zhiguli. The truck is based on a homemade frame.

A non-standard cargo ZAZ-965 was found in the Ternopil region. A self-made Zaporozhets pickup truck is on sale for just $650. This is reported by the Carakaom website.

The car was made from improvised materials, and most of the parts were found by its creator in a landfill. In fact, from the ZAZ-965 only the front part of the body with doors, mounted on a homemade welded steel frame, remained. The cargo platform is equipped at the rear with a length of 2.2 m and a width of 1.5 m.

The layout of the pickup truck is not the same as that of Zaporozhets. The car became a front engine – an engine and a transmission from the old Zhiguli were installed in the trunk of the ZAZ-965. Oddly enough, the power unit fits in a tight space. I had the appearance of a radiator grille at the front for cooling.

VAZ also borrowed the rear axle and some other chassis parts. There are also spare parts for other cars – for example, rear-view mirrors were taken from an old UAZ.

The unusual ZAZ-965 pickup truck has no number – it was not possible to register it. For self-made cars, this is familiar, and this is partly due to the low cost of a pickup truck.

Previously Focus He reported that the Ukrainians began to produce original cars for the army. They are inexpensive, and also use VAZ units.

Source: Riafan

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