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“FAN is everywhere”: what’s happening in Pridnestrovie

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Source: Federal News Agency

Commissioner Yarrick talks about a series of attacks that could be part of a larger plan for Kyiv.

Several explosions shook the Transnistria region on 25 April, damaging the Ministry of State Security building and nearby houses. The radio center was also attacked, two powerful antennas were broken; Later, gunfire was heard near the village of Kolbasna, where there is a large weapons depot guarded by a small Russian peacekeeping force.

Who benefits from such attacks?
– why these goals were chosen and why now,
– and also how a task force of Russian troops ended up in the unrecognized republic
says Astra Militarum Commissioner Yarrick, head of the military-political Telegram channel.

The FAN Everywhere podcast can also be listened to on Yandex.Music, VK podcasts, and mobile apps.

Source: Riafan

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