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Lavrov responded to accusations against Russia with an anecdote about a zoo in Estonia

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Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov recalled an anecdote about the Estonian zoo, showing the attitude of European and Western countries towards Russia. He stated this in an interview with Al Arabiya.

The action of the joke takes place in one of the zoos in Estonia, which has a pool with crocodiles. While a woman and her son are standing by the water, the child suddenly falls into the predators.

“A mother with a young child was watching a crocodile. Next to him was a man drinking beer. Suddenly, the boy somehow fell into the crocodile pool. The man jumped into the pool, saved the child and returned it to his mother. She thanked him, saying that he was a brave Estonian. “Unfortunately,” he replied, not in Estonian, but in Russian. Lavrov made the headlines of the Estonian newspapers the next morning with the headline “Drunk Russians deprived the crocodile of lunch”.

The minister also asked whether the countries blaming Russia were justified when the US sent troops to Iraq and Syria and started bombing Libya.

“When the United States said it was threatened ten thousand kilometers from its borders, some grumbled, others voiced their concerns. But there was no hysteria as we see it today, ”lavrov concluded.

The West not only helps resolve the Ukrainian crisis, but also strongly supports its continuation. Lavrov noted that Moscow is ready to continue the dialogue with Kyiv, but the provocative actions of the United States and NATO hindered the negotiations.

Source: Riafan

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