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Events in aviation for May 8-10: pilots of the Aerospace Forces were awarded stars of heroes, certificate of the Mi-38 simulator

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The special operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine continues. Editors of the Wings of War Telegram channel talk about what is happening in military and civil aviation for May 8-10.

military aviation news

Trying to restore the Ukrainian Air Force

In the western part of Ukraine, training of flight crews and measures to restore the combat capabilities of the aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue.

Due to the losses suffered by Kiev, it was decided to accelerate the training of personnel and send the most trained pilots to the airports in the central part of Ukraine.

For example, on May 9, a joint exercise of the 40th tactical aviation brigade deployed at the Vasilkov airbase and the 102nd radio engineering battalion of the 138th radio engineering brigade took place. The same was attacked by cruise missiles in February-March.

As part of the training, Ukrainian MiG-29 fighters flew over the Russian border areas of the Chernihiv region and simulated an air strike on Kiev. The task of air defense systems was to detect and conditionally destroy these targets.

Combat work personnel of air defense teams

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has released a video showing the readiness for the launch of the S-300V complex and the organization of monitoring the weather both visually and using radar equipment.

The Ministry of Defense said that the S-300V allows you to shoot down any missiles, as well as enemy aircraft and helicopters, even in conditions of deliberate radio interference.

Presentation of the golden stars of Heroes of Russia to the pilots of the Aerospace Forces

Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergey Shoigu awarded the highest state awards to Russian soldiers who showed heroism in performing their duties during a special military operation.

The title of Hero of the Russian Federation was awarded to the Deputy Commander of the Assault Aviation Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel. Dmitry Litvinov and navigator of the fighter aviation regiment, large Victor Dudin.

Dmitry Litvinov, during a combat mission, flew as part of a pair of Su-25s to destroy the stronghold of the nationalist company. After Russian pilots struck enemy fortifications, the slave plane was fired by an enemy MANPADS missile, as a result of which the left engine failed and control was lost.

Litvinov rebuilt the wrecked attack aircraft and visually assessed its damage, helping the co-pilot partially regain control. Meanwhile, a second missile was fired at the plane. Realizing that he would not be able to withstand another blow, Dmitry Litvinov, without hesitation, made the only right decision – to cover him with the Su-25, got into its tail and fired infrared traps, which diverted the fired missile from the target.

With decisive and courageous actions, Lieutenant Colonel Litvinov saved the life of his comrade, while protecting aviation equipment.

In turn, Viktor Dudin achieved a series of successes. On February 24, during combat patrols covering the advancing troop group, the Ukrainian armed forces discovered a Su-27 fighter. Deftly performing an aerial maneuver, Dudin destroyed an enemy aircraft from the first approach in a duel battle, preventing an attack on our troops.

Two days later, the major was tasked with shooting down the Buk-M1 mobile anti-aircraft missile systems of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The complexity of the task was the presence of an active enemy air defense system in the patrol area.

At an extremely low altitude, the aircraft of the Russian Aviation Force, which detected itself in the radar field of the enemy, entered the target area. After opening the Ukrainian Buk installation, Viktor instantly hit it with a rocket, leaving the liquidation zone of other air defense systems.

On February 28, the major flew in, as part of a pair of fighters, to intercept two Ukrainian Su-27 aircraft that were approaching to conduct an airstrike. At an altitude of 10,000 meters, Dudin deftly maneuvered and, taking an advantageous position, struck the enemy with the first rocket. Then, after finding the second plane that went out, he destroyed it in crossfire.

On March 1, during the implementation of combat patrols to control the airspace, Viktor Dudin discovered the Su-27 of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Using the surprise effect, the Major destroyed the air target with the first rocket launch.

Ukrainian Armed Forces restore Kanatovo airport after Russian attacks

In the last few days there has been an active restoration of Kanatovo airport in the Kirovograd region. The remodel appears to be complete.

On May 9, eight Su-25 and MiG-29 aircraft were registered from this region to the Nikolaev region.

Also, the use of reserve airfields continues to keep the warplanes intact. In addition to Kanatovo, Dolgintsevo and Martynovka (Voznesensk) sites are also used to base tactical aviation.

Army aviation helicopters fly between Alexandria and Fedorovka in Kirovograd, and Buyalyk in the Odessa regions. Mi-8 helicopters evacuated from Izmail will also be transferred here.

US pressures Taiwanese officials to buy weapons “suitable” for war with China

Management Joe Biden The island’s authorities are putting pressure on Taiwanese representatives to buy from the United States only the type of weapons that will allow the small Taiwanese army to effectively resist China’s superior forces.

According to the New York Times, such a concept was adopted in the United States after studying the experience of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine.

According to the US military, Taiwan needs to acquire mobile weapons capable of precise strikes in line with its “asymmetric warfare” strategy. At the same time, Taiwanese officials were warned that the State Department would only agree to purchase systems deemed necessary by the United States. For example, the Americans said that the Lockheed Martin MH-60R Seahawk helicopter ordered from the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense would not fit, and therefore the deal would not take place.

Meanwhile, experts agree that in the event of an attack, China will have to launch an amphibious attack on the island, and therefore the nature of hostilities in Taiwan will differ from the Russian special operation.

The conflicts in Ukraine convinced the United States and Taiwan of the realistic scenario of China’s operation to annex the island. The question is whether the US-imposed concept of “asymmetric warfare” will help repel the advance of the Chinese military, or is it preparing a proxy war against the “last Taiwanese” to weaken Beijing?

Civil aviation news

Rosaviatsiya received a simulator certificate for the training of Mi-38 pilots

Kazan Helicopter Plant received permission from the Federal Air Transport Agency to operate the Mi-38-2/4 helicopter simulator. Thus, in the KHP training center there are emulators for all types of helicopters manufactured by the plant: Ansat, Mi-8MTV and Mi-38.

This unit allows you to comprehensively develop the professional skills necessary to control a helicopter.

Kazan Helicopters noted that the aircraft will be used for the training of Russian civil aviation pilots and the training of existing flight crew members.

Chinese competitor MS-21 continues testing

Tests of the Chinese medium-haul COMAC C919 aircraft continue in Shanghai.

The C919 program is way behind schedule and according to the CAAC president Yang ZhenmeiJust over half completed by the end of 2021.

The type certificate of this aircraft is expected to be received in 2022 and the first deliveries to customers are expected in 2023. COMAC has received 305 firm orders for the C919, mostly from Chinese airlines.

In 2022, the aviation of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia has already made more than 4 thousand flights

Aviation of the Ministry of Civil Defense, Emergencies and Disaster Relief of the Russian Federation celebrates its birthday on May 10.

27 years ago, the State Unitary Aviation Enterprise of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia was created by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation.

To date, the ministry is armed with 84 aircraft – 23 aircraft and 61 helicopters, as well as more than 2,000 highly qualified specialists.

This year, private aviation has already carried out more than 4,000 flights, delivered about 3,000 tons of cargo and carried about 3,000 people. In addition, 81 firefighting flights were completed, 441 evacuations were made and more than 2 thousand tons of water was discharged.

To extinguish natural fires in the Kurgan region, Khakassia and the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Ministry of Emergency Situations Aviation was used.

Unmanned aerial systems are also actively used in the department. To date, there are 441 UAVs at the disposal of the Ministry of Emergencies.

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Source: Riafan

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