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Threat of hunger in the world: G7 leaders urged Russia to open Ukrainian ports

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The war in Ukraine has turned into a “global crisis”, according to the heads of the G7 countries. According to the head of the Presidential Office, in order to ensure food security in the world, it is first necessary to increase the supply of weapons to open ports, load grain on ships and liberate the territories occupied by the Russian Armed Forces.

The “Big Seven” (G7) countries called on Russia to immediately remove the obstacles to Ukrainian ports due to the growing food crisis in the world. Andriy Yermak, head of the Office of the President of Ukraine (OP), wrote about it in Telegram.

“Food security is a topic of increasing interest today. Ensuring this depends on removing barriers to Ukrainian ports,” he said.

According to the OP chairman, the abnormal temperature in India only exacerbates this crisis and imposes restrictions on wheat exports from the country. Meanwhile, the threat of starvation is growing.

“G7 leaders urged Russia to immediately stop the war of conquest, blockade and other actions that further hinder Ukraine’s production and export of food products,” Yermak said.

The threat of famine is growing, but Ukraine is ready to continue ensuring food security. To do this, according to Yermak, it is necessary to unblock ports and increase the supply of weapons in order to free the temporarily occupied areas, where the invaders are hindering the harvest.

The war between Ukraine and the Russian Federation has turned into a “global crisis”.

At the meeting of the foreign ministers of the G7 countries in the town of Weissenhaus in the Baltic Sea, the impact of the large-scale war between Ukraine and Russia on food and energy prices was discussed.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock said the war had already turned into a “global crisis” as supplies of essential crops from Ukraine became impossible.

“Currently, 25 million tons of grain are blocked in Ukrainian ports, especially in Odessa. This grain is the food of millions of people around the world. Famine is particularly severe in African countries and the Middle East,” said Burbock.

Ministers discussed the impact of climate change on the global food problem.

Putin is pushing the world to starvation

The Guardian wrote that the governments of the G7 countries said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is pushing 43 million people into starvation by refusing to export grain from Ukraine via the Black Sea ports.

“Russia’s war of deliberate aggression has worsened the global economic outlook, with rising food, fuel and energy prices. Combined with Russia’s shutdown of Ukraine’s grain export routes, the world now faces worsening food insecurity and malnutrition,” the ministers said in a joint statement. said. .

G7 countries announced the expansion of sanctions against Russia. Heads of state do not recognize the new borders that Russia is trying to create in Ukraine through its territorial occupation.

Recall that, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Ukraine, almost 30% of agricultural land is unsuitable for grain products due to the war started by Russia. Wheat, barley, sunflower and corn will not be planted on these lands because of hostility.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres said that due to the war in Ukraine, hunger and poverty threaten approximately 1.7 billion people. UNICEF estimates that as many as 1.6 million children may be on the brink of starvation.

The UN Development Program has calculated that with a protracted war between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, 90% of Ukrainians will be below the poverty line.

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