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The 13-year-old son of the star of the TV series “Scream” appeared on the red carpet in a dress and heels

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The teenager has been growing out his hair and wearing dresses for a long time. His parents have been repeatedly criticized for this approach, but they do not interfere with the choice of his son.

Known to the audience for his roles in the first three episodes of the horror movie “Scream” and “X-Men Origins. Wolverine”, 54-year-old American actor Liev Schreiber made a splash on the red carpet. The premiere of the fourth season of “Very strange things”. However, the Network “exploded” not the player himself, but his companion, or rather the satellite.

Samuel Kai, the youngest 13-year-old son, born by the actor’s colleague Naomi Watts, also posed for the photographers with Liv. Everything would be fine if it wasn’t for the look of a teenager who came to the event in a short pink dress and sandals. Moreover, she has long hair, which makes her more like a girl.

Social media users criticized Schreiber for supporting his son in this outfit choice. In contrast, Samuel wears long dresses and walks with long hair. Schreiber has repeatedly shared photos with his son, but stopped doing so after criticism from subscribers.

The actress announced her engagement to Naomi Watts in 2006. It is unknown whether they were married, but the result of this relationship was the birth of Samuel Kai and Alexander Peet, a year older.

We mentioned earlier that the son of another Hollywood superstar, Charlize Theron, also wears dresses. We’re talking about 10-year-old Jackson. The mother does not interfere with this and even encourages such gender identification in every possible way, giving her the option to decide for herself who she will position herself as.

But the daughter of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Shilo seems to have changed her mind about being a man and finally showed the whole world that she is a very beautiful girl who gets the best from her family.

Source: Riafan

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