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Host Norkin made guests of “The Meeting Place” laugh with an anecdote about the “Jewish concert”

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Presenter Andrey Norkin recalled a witty Jewish anecdote talking about Russian pop stars. The journalist’s joke was traditionally heard on the broadcast of the Meeting Place program.

As part of the talk show, the guests discussed the behavior of domestic celebrities in support of Moscow’s opponents against the background of Russia’s special operations in Ukraine. Andrei Norkin pointed out that lately many artists have been criticized for their vague civic positions.

At the same time, the presenter emphasized that this topic should be repeatedly brought up and condemned by celebrities, especially if their actions often become a cause of anger.

At the end of the program, Norkin told an anecdote describing the contribution of Jews to the development of culture.

“The showman goes on stage and says: – Good evening, dear friends! We’re starting our pop concert! Today outstanding singers, great dancers, famous violinists, the best comedians will take the stage before you!…

Voice from the audience:

– Is it possible to somehow manage without Jews today?

– Yes, you definitely can! Yes dear friends, our concert is over! All the best. Until we meet again! – joked to the presenter.

A new anecdote about the “Jewish concert” from Andrey Norkin made the Russians laugh and applaud wildly.

Earlier it was reported that Norkin mocked actress Chulpan Khamatova’s statement about “lovely life” in Latvia with a joke about the Jews.

Source: Riafan

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