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Ellen DeGeneres said goodbye to her show with a charged final monologue

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Ellen DeGeneres may have publicly apologized for being accused of being the host of a show where employees received racist comments and other forms of harassment, she may have promised things would change, but low ratings led her a few months back . announce that this will be the last tour of The Ellen DeGeneres Showafter 19 years.

The last guests on her show were Beeley Eilish, Pink, and also Jennifer Aniston, who has been in front of her as a guest almost every year since the start of the show until today. Ellen DeGeneres’ latest monologue was emotionally charged.

“Twenty years ago, when we were trying to sell the show, no one thought it would work. Not because it was a different show, but because I was different.»Ellen DeGeneres told the public.

Ellen DeGeneres first appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson back in the 80s. After making the audience laugh out loud at her jokes, he invited her to sit next to him. thereby giving her full approval. Her shows followed one another until she got her own comedy series on television.

From 1994 to 1997 Ellen’s show is gaining more and more viewers. Until 1997, Ellen DeGeneres appeared as a lesbian in Time magazine, Oprah Winfrey and her series. Then there were threats to her life, negative criticism from viewers who weren’t ready to see her confess her love to Laura Dern in the Puppy episode, and finally Ellen was dropped a year later.

Everyone thought that Ellen DeGeneres’ career would continue to decline and that she would return to stand-up comedy and touring with her lyrics. But Ellen DeGeneres, after paving the way for American TV shows to include gay characters, is back stronger as a variety show host. The Ellen DeGeneres Show was born, and Ellen DeGeneres’ career took off, not waned.

“When we started this show, I couldn’t say gay on TV. I wasn’t allowed to say gay. I couldn’t say “we” because that would indicate that I was with someone.”Ellen DeGeneres continued and turned to her wife, Portia de Rossi, who was there.

“Of course I couldn’t say ‘wife’ because homosexuals weren’t allowed to marry and now I say ‘wife’ all the time. 25 years ago they canceled my comedy series because they didn’t want a lesbian to appear in prime time once a week. I said: “Okay, then I will every day. What about this;””then noted.

Elsewhere, he addressed the audience, thanking them for their love and support. To everyone who watched and supported me, Thank you very much for this platform. And I hope that what I have been able to do over the past 19 years has made you happy, and that I was able to get at least a little of the pain that you had on a bad day.write down.

“I hope I inspired you to make other people happy and do good to the world, to feel like you have a purpose. And I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. If I have achieved anything in the past 19 years, I hope I have inspired you to be yourself—your true, authentic self.»– added, among other things, the presenter.

The 19 years of the comedy show was really a source of entertainment for viewers who could see Hollywood celebrities playing games on its set and really laughing. But these were the last cases that, unfortunately, will remain in our memory..

There are times when Ellen DeGeneres escapes in her interviews, such as with Dakota Johnson or previously with Mariah Carey. These are complaints about the show and where showed that while building her empire, Ellen DeGeneres lost touch with the people around her. A Warner Media investigation may have removed 3 of her producers, but her own name was in the headlines.

Source: Lady Like

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