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Wash your hair in space: Chinese astronaut showed how to do it (video)

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Wang Yaping frankly admits that washing hair in zero gravity is very difficult.

On earth, you need to do a few simple moves to wash your hair: turn on the water, wet your hair, apply shampoo, rinse and that’s it. In space, to put it mildly, anything happens. Space showed exactly how Chinese astronaut Wang Yaping was.

Chinese astronaut Wang Yaping, the first woman in space in China, recently returned from orbit. She was part of the longest orbital crew ever for a Chinese astronaut, she. Wang Yaping lived and worked on the Tianhe main module of the future Chinese orbital station, Tian Gong.

While in orbit, Wang Yaping lectured students around the world in space physics and other subjects. She also decided to make a video about how she manages to keep her hair clean in microgravity.

“To be honest, washing your hair in space is not an easy task. First I apply a special shampoo to my hair and this shampoo foams up. Then I spray the water on my head, put on special gloves and pull the water through my hair. . a special towel for the head. After that, you just have to wait for the hair to dry. That way you can wash your hair in space,” says Wang Yaping.

The hair washing process demonstrated in space is very similar to that demonstrated in 2013 by NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg, who was on the ISS at the time.

However, while Wang Yaping wore gloves and a terry hat, Nyberg actively dried his hair with a regular towel.

“I was asked many times how I wash my head in orbit, and I decided to capture that process,” Nyberg said, and actually shot a video showing how he washes his hair in space.

Nyberg said she uses a small bag of warm water, a bottle of no-rinse shampoo, a towel, and a comb to wash her hair.

Wang Yaping, who has already returned to Earth and can now take a normal shower, went into space aboard the Shenzhou 13 spacecraft in October 2021. He and two other Chinese astronauts, Ye Guangfu and Zhai Zhigang, spent half a year in orbit.

The next crew will travel to the Chinese orbital station aboard the Shenzhou-14 spacecraft on June 4, 2022.

as already written FocusChina plans to complete the Tiangong orbital station as early as 2022. Two more modules must be added to the main module located in space.

Source: Riafan

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