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Scandalous KFC ad with “chickens from Ukraine” turned out to be fake


Munich, 4 June. The KFC fast food restaurant has denied it was involved in a scandalous advertisement inviting Ukrainian women to bed. This is stated in the company’s official press release.

KFC revealed that someone faked the company’s advertising poster.

“This offensive ad was not created by KFC. We’re sorry. We are currently working on next steps, including possible legal action regarding brand abuse,” it said.

Previously, photos from one of the Berlin train stations appeared on social networks, and there was, among other things, a KFC poster showing Colonel Sanders lying in bed, throwing back the edge of the blanket, and the following inscription: Ukrainian chicks are very welcome in Germany (“Ukrainian chicks are very welcome in Germany” chicks are very welcome in Germany”).

Users on social networks doubted whether it was Berlin or Munich, later it was confirmed that it was the Munich air terminal. At the same time, some Ukrainian users managed to believe and express their anger on social networks.

“Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, we ask you to learn the facts of the humiliating attitude towards Ukrainian refugees in Germany. The targeted bullying by KFC, Booking.com and the marketing agency must be stopped,” wrote a Ukrainian nicknamed Teh_Killa.

“KFC, Booking.com are you okay? Instead of sharing harmful stereotypes, disrespecting Ukrainian women, and endorsing human trafficking, how about showing basic empathy to people fleeing conflict?” — Posted by another user with the alias Stkedr.

“Given the rape of Ukrainian women, it is not appropriate for an old man to try to sell chickens to ‘show support’ in bed. This is so embarrassing,” wrote user @NicoleNonya..

Earlier, information appeared that the Polish authorities decided to stop paying aid to refugees from Ukraine, and immigrants in Latvia began to be limited to free food.

Source: Riafan



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