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Political scientist Jaralla on additional aid to Ukraine from the West: Country continues to run into debt

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The new package of financial aid to Ukraine says one thing – the country continues to be dragged into incredible debts. In an interview with a reporter about this FAN said the Crimean political scientist Vladimir Jaralla.

Earlier it was known that the World Bank will allocate $ 1.5 billion to Kiev as part of a support package of more than $ 4 billion, which the credit institution plans to attract.

According to the interlocutor of the FAN, while hostilities continue on the territory of Ukraine, the financiers violate their own rules, which increases the risk of non-return of funds.

“This is a requirement for any banking business, but for the sake of Ukraine, they were changed under pressure from the United States. It’s also important to note that first and foremost the US still knows how to count money. And although the current administration of the White House has declared that support for Ukraine is constantly growing, a very strong discontent and resistance is growing within the country itself. This is due to internal political events, the struggle against the current ruling group and the exacerbation of internal contradictions within the state itself,” explains the expert.

In an environment where the president’s ratings are Joe Biden The White House administration is trying to partially reduce the financial burden on the budget while allocating money to the puppet regime in Kiev.

Political scientist Jaralla on additional aid to Ukraine from the West: Country continues to run into debt

“Here it turns out that it is the international community, not the United States, that allocates aid. At the same time, it is unclear whether Ukraine will receive these funds. This shows that the West is very cynical about the possibilities of its satellite. The level of corruption in “independent” Washington is known, so transferring such money is insane. They themselves can steal everything, besides, this is always done elegantly, and by such schemes you can only be surprised, ”said the artist.

Thus, it turned out that most of the money will remain in the West, because it will pay off debt obligations previously received from Zelensky. According to Vladimir Dzharall, the country is artificially protected in the form of a “solvent” state.

“We must not forget that very soon the issue of the supply of essential goods will arise, and then no one will transfer anything for free, but this is the case with weapons and equipment transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. So we see that money is spent on exactly this kind of thing, i.e. they support Ukraine’s solvency, but they work for both the American and European Western economy. The country is dragged into magnificent debts, ”the expert concluded.

former member of the State Duma Vitaly Milonov He stated that the financial aid allocated to Kiev by Washington will go into the pockets of top officials.

Source: Riafan

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