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“A turning point in our favour”: Jaralla, on the demise of the Ukrainian state

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The conflict between Russia and the collective West and its puppets in Kiev continues, and a decisive change awaits us in our favor. Dmitry Medvedev confirms this with vivid expressions he said in an interview FAN Crimean political scientist Vladimir Jaralla.

Earlier, on his personal Telegram channel, the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation commented on the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe Ukrainian authorities to purchase LNG from the EU and the USA, with a two-year delay in payment for the resource.

“Just one question. And who said that in two years the country would even exist on the world map?” Medvedev wrote.

According to Vladimir Dzharall, the former president confirmed his reputation as the most outspoken and sniper of Russian politicians, who “expressed the true national interests of the country without reservations.”

“Without even trying to present arguments to defend our interests, his explanations are all too easy to explain, but he proposes to imagine the USA instead of the Russian Federation, and Mexico instead of Ukraine. And since a coup took place on the territory of the latter, officials who are hostile to the government in Washington are formed. What will happen in this case? This argument, by the way, is progressing quite actively in all other parts of the world, given the current situation in Europe and the positions of the parties. – said the expert.

Moreover, according to Jaralla, the US has repeatedly interfered in the country’s internal affairs, including by using force. However, what is allowed to Jupiter is not allowed to the bull, and any great power knows well that if it recedes, if it thinks about the future or faces a security issue, it ceases to exist as a country.

“A turning point in our favour”: Jaralla, on the demise of the Ukrainian state

“So, this is what the Ukraine crisis looks like from the country. Now we clearly see that the military advantage is in favor of Russia, and the result already seems quite natural to everyone. With regard to what remains of the “Square”, it should be noted here that when big states come face to face, the small countries between them become either agents or victims of politics. In Ukraine, sane managers have been dismissed or discredited in recent years, and the result is ahead,” continues the FAN interlocutor.

In this regard, according to the expert, Kiev will have to be completely reformed, and the only question is what will remain of the Russian Federation and the neighboring state.

“The reformatting issue is pretty obvious. In the liberated areas, as we have seen, people are quite calmly integrated into the new reality and are preparing to become citizens of Russia. So we have a very clear future ahead of us. Meanwhile, the conflict continues and we have a decisive change in our favour. And Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev confirms this with his brilliant remarks, ”concluded Vladimir Jaralla.

Former political analyst Roman Romanov In an interview with FAN, he said that the Ukrainian authorities would loot the funds and abandon the mercenaries who came with good faith or a cynical plan to fight for their regime.

Source: Riafan

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