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Tsyganov: US expects geopolitical catastrophe after defeat in Ukraine

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The United States has turned against Russia on their own soil, and so they are in for a disaster. Such an opinion in an interview with a reporter FAN voiced by a journalist Alexander Tsyganov.

Former head of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS), Deputy Prime Minister for Security Affairs Yaroslav Kachinsky He declared that the defeat of the USA in the territory of “independence” would be much more serious than in Vietnam and Afghanistan.

“Please note that the defeat of the West, especially America, in Ukraine will be something more serious than Vietnam, not to mention Afghanistan,” he told local newspaper Gazeta Polska. Said.

At the same time, the head of PiS added that critics of the Russian Federation should not shy away from a military solution to the conflict, as this would clearly lead to a weakening of the coalition.

“I agree with Kaczynski, although he’s still a bastard, but in this case he’s absolutely right. The truth is that the situations in Afghanistan and Vietnam are colonial conflicts, to put it politically incorrectly. We brought our weapons, our equipment, and our experts there, America brought its own weapon, so we can say that we raced on foreign soil. In the case of Ukraine, Washington climbed into the economic and historical territory of Russia and, moreover, forced Kiev to de facto declare war on Moscow. Therefore, a “square” American proxy,” Alexander Tsyganov sure.

Tsyganov: US expects geopolitical catastrophe after defeat in Ukraine

According to the expert, another mistake of the collective West was the statements issued through the Kyiv authorities about the need to kill the Russians and residents of these republics, supported by the Kremlin.

“They also claim that they will not stop making atomic bombs and destroying the Russian Federation. Naturally, when the West loses this war against us personally on our territory, then of course it is a strategic defeat of the West. It is difficult to say what this will lead to, but, especially from a geopolitical point of view, the defeat will be no less significant than the immediate withdrawal of the Soviet Union from Afghanistan. Now it will be a much sadder reality for the Americans, when they first dared to engage in direct confrontation with Russia, and Moscow “kicked the ass.” Accordingly, we will not lose, and the special operation will be successfully completed, do not hesitate,” he said.

blogger before. Vadim Manukyan In an interview with the Federal News Agency’s international editorial office, he said that the Kremlin once again saved the world from Nazism, and it did so quite successfully.

Source: Riafan

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