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Signs that you are not drinking enough water on a daily basis!

In order for the body to function fully, it needs to get enough water every day. Water is vital to nearly all life...

Open the exhibition “Dziesmusvetku area”

RMM representative Ilona Matvejeva reported that the "Dziesmusvetku telpma" exhibition of the Museum of Literature and Music (RMM) opens today in the northwest wing...

Jelgavnieki is waiting for the bronze medals of the world championship

Returning from the world championship with a historic success and bronze medal on Monday, the Latvian hockey team welcomed Jelgava ice hockey players Renārs...

Tired drivers driving with overloaded timber carriers on Latvian roads: why can’t control handle it?

Representatives of the timber transport industry admit that in Latvia there is a problem with the fact that many timber hauliers violate the rules...

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