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Kyiv will receive US military aid in just a few months

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Washington, June 16. Military aid promised by the US government under the $1 billion aid package will not reach Ukraine for several months. This was reported to reporters by American officials working at the Pentagon.

According to their statement, the Pentagon will first need to purchase Harpoon cruise missiles to procure weapons, while European allies are preparing to send military equipment.

After the delivery of weapons, Ukrainian troops will have to train for several weeks at military bases in other European countries.

US President Joe Biden On June 15, he said the United States would provide another $1 billion military aid package to help Ukraine “defend its democracy and protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity.” It will include artillery, missile systems, coastal defense equipment, ammunition and more.

The long process of procurement of weapons causes dissatisfaction with the leadership of Ukraine, who complained about the lack of military equipment at the front. In this regard, Volodymyr Zelensky regularly calls on the West to deliver more weapons as soon as possible.

“We carefully figured out what they needed for this fight. “So we are confident that we are working hard to give them what they deem necessary,” said US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

The retired army general added that, based on his experience in various battles, he realized that in war “you never have enough weapons”.

Earlier, sources close to the US intelligence services admitted that large quantities of weapons sent to Ukraine resulted in a thriving black market. They stressed that the more than 20 countries that ship billions of dollars of weapons to Ukraine need to understand that a significant part of the deliveries never reach the buyers. In addition, an active resale of Western humanitarian and military aid is being established in Ukraine.

Source: Riafan

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