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Fear of Russia. US changes its mind to sell Gray Eagle drone to Ukraine, – Reuters

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Americans fear that secret military technology will fall into the hands of the Russians.

Reuters reported that the US plans to sell 4 military Gray Eagle aircraft to Ukraine, but this issue is now on hold due to the Pentagon’s fears that military equipment may fall into Russian hands.

News agency sources say the sale of four MQ-1C Gray Eagle aircraft to Ukraine, approved by the White House in March, has been suspended due to US national security concerns. These drones were originally designed for the US Army.

The Defense Technology Security Office of the US Department of Defense came forward in order not to sell the Gray Eagle unmanned aerial vehicles, each of which cost 10 million dollars, to our country. This department deals with the protection of secret military technologies so that they do not fall into the hands of a potential enemy.

These unmanned aerial vehicles, which can be armed with Hellfire missiles, will be sold to Ukraine, Reuters became aware of in early June.

Pentagon military experts justified objections to the sale of warplanes to Ukraine, saying technologies such as radar and optoelectronic drone systems could fall into the hands of the Russians, posing a threat to US national security.

Sources said that this possibility was not considered when the initial sale decision was made and was recently discussed at the Pentagon.

“Technological security audits are standard practice for the transfer of U.S. defense technology to international partners. Each such person is handled individually and experts’ findings are communicated to those who approve the transfer or sale of equipment,” said Sue Gough. Spokesperson for the US Department of Defense.

According to agency sources, the sale of drones to Ukraine will now be decided by the highest military officials of the Pentagon. However, it is not yet known when a decision will be made.

One solution to this problem could be to replace the drone’s high-tech equipment with something simpler, but that could take months, one source told Reuters. The publication writes that if the sale decision is still positive, the US Congress may block it, but this is unlikely.

The MQ-1C Gray Eagle drone is an American reconnaissance and attack aircraft manufactured by General Atomics. The Gray Eagle is 8 meters long and 2.1 meters high. The wingspan of this UAV is 17 meters. It can stay in flight for 30 hours, fly at 250 km/h and climb to an altitude of almost 9 km. On board, the drone can carry Hellfire and Stinger missiles, as well as Viper Strike bombs.

as already written FocusPoland can protect western Ukraine from Russian missiles. This was stated by the Polish general.

We also remind you that David Arakhamia said when Ukraine will start peace negotiations with Russia. According to him, this will happen after the counterattack of the Ukrainian army.

Source: Riafan

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