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Russia proposed renaming Kaliningrad to Vladibaltiysk

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According to State Duma deputy Mironov, this would underline the strategic importance of the city as “a Russian outpost on the extreme western frontier”.

The leader of the party “Fair Russia – For Truth” Sergei Mironov said that Kaliningrad should be renamed and the status of the Kaliningrad region should be maximized.

“Perhaps it is time to rename Kaliningrad in accordance with modern realities and local traditions, as well as to give regional status to a region of strategic importance for our country,” Mironov said. We are talking about an outpost on the westernmost border of our homeland, stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Baltic.

The deputy recalled that the Koenigsberg district was renamed the Kaliningrad district on July 4, 1946. At this time, the “all-Union headman” Mikhail Kalinin died, so the city was named after him, although he had nothing to do with it. Other options were also considered: Baltiysk, Slavgorod or Korolevets. As a result, the city of Pillau became known as the Baltic.

At the same time, Mironov assures that the residents of Kaliningrad will have to decide on the renaming.

of Kaliningrad. It should be noted that until the end of World War II it was called Koenigsberg; In Germany, this city was the capital of East Prussia. This name, used by most locals, is often abbreviated as “Kenik”.

How did the situation in Kaliningrad escalate?

After Lithuania blocked the transit of some sanctioned goods to Russia in June following the requirements of the European Union, Russia declared a “blockade of Kaliningrad”. Matas Maldeikis, Member of the Lithuanian Parliament, said that Russia’s hysteria about public transport in the public sphere has nothing to do with reality and is aimed at the domestic market. According to him, as of June 22, only 1 percent of the goods were not allowed to cross the border, but from July 10, the ban on transit of Russian cement will come into effect.

However, the Kremlin continued to threaten Lithuania and the European Union with major problems, hinting at the possibility of armed attack from Russia. Officials at a lower level were not at all shy in their statements. For example, the governor of the Kaliningrad region, Anton Alikhanov, said that in response to Lithuania’s compliance with EU sanctions and banning the transit of a number of goods through the country to the Kaliningrad region, Moscow could inflict significant harm on Lithuania. transport complex and even destroy it. “The Russian Federation can ensure that half of the Lithuanian economy does not exist,” he said.

Offensive messages were also broadcast by Russian propaganda.

The threats were effective. The EU said it plans to amend the new sanctions package amid concerns that the Kremlin will put pressure on Lithuania.

German journalists also learned that the German authorities intend to unblock the passage from the territory of Lithuania to the Kaliningrad region and lift the ban on the carriage of sanctioned goods. This is explained by the unwillingness to allow a military escalation with the Russian Federation.

Source: Riafan

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