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Italy-France: energy concerns, the “yes” to nuclear energy is also growing in our country


PARIS – Despite the proximity, common history, affection and sometimes rivalry, Italians and French have yet to get to know each other, especially in terms of their respective economies. The research indicates this “Italy and France: What Industrial Prospects in Europe?”created by Ipsos led by Professor Marc Lazar. The research will be presented today at Edison’s headquarters in Milan as part of the Italo-French Dialogues for Europe (Luiss Guido Carli University – Sciences Po – The European House Ambrosetti).

The Treaty of the Quirinale “For enhanced bilateral cooperation” between Italy and France
signed in Rome last November, was ratified three days ago by the Italian Senate and yours Road map accompanying entries i Italian-French dialogues as a tool to promote relations between the two countries. Meanwhile, the research shows that the Treaty is still little known, especially in France: 77% of the French and 59% of the Italians ignore its existence.

The encouraging aspect is that, once the Treaty and its objectives are known, 70% of Italians and 65% of French are strongly in favor of developing bilateral relations Even if concerns remain that the privileged relationship between Italy and France could pose an obstacle to the wider integration process of the Europe of 27.

With regard to the forthcoming cooperation, the Italians put energy policy first, the French the management of migration flows.

The priority that the Italians give to everyone‘current is also apparent from the question of the consequences of war in Ukraine in the energy market: they are stronger in Italy than in other European countries “according to the majority of Italians, while only 23% of the French think that France is more affected.

«This brings us to another interesting answer, which is about nuclear energy – says Nando Pagnoncelli, CEO of Ipsos -. Current power plants are safe and one should invest in this type of energy for: 44% of Italians, more than those who continue to see them as insecureThe Italians seem ready to re-evaluate nuclear power, which has been used in France for decades.

The research then points to the persistence of a certain sense of one-way rivalry, felt by the Italians towards the French – says Pagnoncelli – and a limited knowledge, even among graduates, of the economic structure of the two countries: it is believed that agriculture and industry predominate, while it is precisely the tertiary sector that contributes more to GDP of Italy and France

Source: Corriere



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