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Ilaria Alpi, Somali Hassan killed by a bomb: he was acquitted of the murder after 17 years in prison

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He was killed by a bomb placed under the seat of his car in Mogadishu, Somalia Hashi Omar Hassansentenced to 26 years and then acquitted by the appeals court of Perugia for the murder of the RAI journalist Ilaria Alpi and the TV operator Milan Hrovatinwhich took place on March 20, 1994. The Somali website reported the news Garowe Online Hassan came released in 2016, after serving 17 years in prison in Padua: He had been convicted in the second degree and in the Supreme Court for being considered part of the commando that killed Alpi and Hrovatin, who were aged 32 and 44 at the time and were investigating the arms and waste trade . However, after an appeal, he was found innocent and acquitted.

Hashi Omar Hassan

For wrongful detention the court of appeal of Perugia ordered damages of three million and 181 thousand euros by the Italian state. “I lost 17 years of my life in prison as an innocent,” he said at the time, calling on Rome’s judges not to “submit the investigation into the deception that took place after the murders of Ilaria Alpi and Miran Hrovatin” , who had taken him to prison on false charges. “They just can’t file and not let the truth come out,” he stressed, recalling that the acquittal of the appeals court of Perugia stated widespread deception

Source: Corriere

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