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The transit of goods to Russian Kaliningrad can continue. But only by train

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The European Commission announced that Russia may continue to partially transport sanctioned goods to the Kaliningrad region through the territory of the European Union.

“This instruction confirms that goods subject to sanctions by Russian transporters are not allowed to be transported by road according to EU measures. In the statement made by the Commission, it was stated that there is no similar prohibition for rail transport.

He emphasized that goods used for military purposes may not be transported by road either. Most deliveries to the region were made by rail.

With the statement, the Commission responded to the dispute between Russia and Lithuania, which began to impose sanctions last month, prohibiting the transport of certain goods from its territory. This week it expanded the measures to cement, wood, alcohol or alcohol-based industrial chemicals.

Russia spoke of a blockade and threatened Lithuania with retaliation. Vilnius emphasized that the measure applies to about 1 percent of all goods imported into the Kaliningrad region. But the restrictions affected about 30 percent of deliveries, according to the Russian newspaper Izvestiya.

The newspaper reported Wednesday that the European Union plans to make arrangements to allow Russia to transport goods through Lithuania without restrictions. Brussels is said to have handed Moscow a document containing a proposal that “fully satisfies” its conditions. According to the newspaper, the EU should specify this in the seventh package of the upcoming anti-Russian sanctions.

However, European Commission spokesman Eric Mamer denied that 27 nations would negotiate to remove barriers to access to the Kaliningrad region, as Russian media claimed. The Kremlin has previously said it expects progress in the dispute.

The Kaliningrad region is separated from the rest of the Russian territory and sandwiched between Lithuania and Poland. Sanctions against the region began to be implemented already in March, but an exception was valid for Kaliningrad until June 17. According to Lithuania, even before Russia’s attack on Ukraine, Russians who went shopping directly with the EU had time to prepare.

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Source: Seznam Zpravy

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