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Ukrainians put Fico on Russian propaganda list

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Robert Fico, the former head of the Slovak government, is on the list recently published by the Ukrainian Center for Combating Disinformation. That falls to the National Security Council there. The Euractiv.sk server drew attention to this.

According to the centre, the leader of Slovakia’s opposition Smer party is among 75 politicians, scientists, journalists or military personnel who “develop narratives suitable for Russian propaganda”.

According to the Ukraine Centre, Fico claims that Ukraine, unlike Russia, did not comply with the Minsk agreements and that it was not possible to prove Russia’s responsibility for the conflict in Ukraine. He also counts on the politician’s call for the lifting of Western sanctions against Russia.

Fico says there is a war between the US and Russia

“There is a war in Ukraine between the USA and Russia, and Ukraine is under the absolute control of the USA. Ukraine, the USA, Russia, the European Union and especially Slovak media and government politicians have given so much misinformation about this war that they have made it one of the least credible world events in terms of neutrality. cries.

The politician, who resigned as prime minister in 2018 following mass anti-government demonstrations following the murder of journalist Ján Kuciak, continues to write that he “sides neither the United States, Ukraine, nor Russia”, but that “Slovakia is on the side of common sense and truth”. that is.

In April this year, Robert Fico described the Slovak president and prime minister as “warmongers”.

Just two days before the start of the Russian invasion, Fico said “no one will attack anyone, there will be no war”. Of course, there is tension or it is very seriously provoked, but let’s listen to the Russians, after all, the Russians are right on many issues,” he said.

At the end of March, the position and communications of Fico’s party, Yön, were publicly criticized by Jurij Muška, Ukraine’s ambassador to Slovakia.

The diplomat likened the Directive’s stance to appeasement, namely the withdrawal of the great powers to Nazi Germany before the Second World War. He also claimed that the party, which refused to supply arms to Ukraine, cooperated with the Russian regime.

Former prime minister announced the transfer of the S-300 system

Fico responded by saying that he supports humanitarian aid to Ukraine, but refuses to send weapons to Ukraine’s defence. He saw such a move as a tool to escalate tensions.

Head of Direction also announced on social networks that Slovakia has sent the S-300 anti-aircraft system to Ukraine. The politician posted footage of the system’s movement across the Slovakia-Ukraine border by rail.

“I ask (Prime Minister) E. Heger to immediately approve or reject the preparation to deliver the S-300 air defense system to Ukraine,” Fico wrote in the video on social networks! Wrote. He called the donation to Ukraine “absolute madness” and “entering a war in the name of American interests”.

Prime Minister Eduard Heger later said of Fico that “in his statements it was against Slovakia’s interests, that he had crossed Russia and acted like a Russian agent”.

In mid-May, Fico did not even attend the parliamentary meeting, where Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy delivered a speech to MPs via telebridge. “I would not listen to a person who lies on a daily basis and harms Slovakia’s interests,” said the former prime minister.

It was Fico’s critique of Zelensky that was of great interest to the Russian media at the time.

On the list with Le Pen

In addition to Fico on the Ukrainian list, there are, for example, unsuccessful French presidential candidate Marie Le Pen, several MEPs and American senator Rand Paul or Brazilian ex-president Lula de Silva. No Checks listed.

The authors of the list divided dozens of names into three groups. According to the Ukrainians, most of the appointees “justify Russia’s actions, although they claim to be sympathetic to the Ukrainians.” Another group openly supports the ideas of the Putin regime, and the last condemns Russian aggression, but opposes the supply of weapons to Ukraine.

Source: Seznam Zpravy

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