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Maria Zakharova, the “hot” photos of the wedding in New York: who published them?

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Anti-western, but not so much so as not to get married in New York, at the Russian consulate. And spokesperson for Russian diplomacy since 2015, daughter of a diplomat, yet known for her tone totally out of step: a video she posted on her Telegram channel titled “Our Harvest”, in which for about three minutes the patriotic song “Kalinka” in the background, he licks and nibbles on two large strawberries. Maria Zakharova, 46, is the first female spokesperson for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is one of the longest serving in office, seven years: but on her “personal style”, consisting of selfies with thick necklines and Facebook messaging, they multiply attack themselves. Especially now that we are at war. cyclical, and again on social media these days, the photos of her marriage to Andrei Makarov, with whom she has a 10-year-old daughter, Maryana, resurface. A young Zakharova, combed like Ivana Trump and in a very short white satin dress, fringed with very unclassical black embroidery, passionately kisses her new husband who clutches her chest on the seats of a limousine. Zakharova surrounded by her husband in a passionate kiss in favor of the room. They’re not diplomatic official photos: but the wedding dates back to 2005, long before he took office. Who published them, just that Zakharova manages the day-to-day communications of a war? And
is it intended to discredit it?

In reality, the photos of Maria Zakharova at the wedding, despite herself, have been public since 2016. So an interview with the Russian site life.ru the photographer, Nikolai Komissarov, admits publishing them on her own initiative: «They were private photos, but Zakharova posted some for the first wedding anniversary, so I thought I could put them online as well. She was furious.’ But the photos were now online. A shaky version. Komissarov was the photographer of the Russian consulate in New York, where Zakharova worked in 2005: it is unlikely that he did not have a sense of privacy, liberations, official photos and, moreover, private. And that they have never been removed from the web since then is just as strange: they circulate on anonymous and untrustworthy blogs, but on the page of the Life.ru site, with a completely pro-government line, the interview with Komissarov is still there (accompanied by a single photo, in a more classic pose, of the couple). It is therefore possible that it was an enemy of the bride who ordered its distribution. But Russian, and long ago.

Just like in war, communication is also a weapon: and the wedding photos are circulating on Twitter again. It is, for example, to those shots that the dissident alludes Mikhail Khodorkovsky who in a commentary on the video of strawberries writes: “A vulgar woman is always a vulgar woman”.

Source: Corriere

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