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Commander of the capture of Seyfulislam Gaddafi in 2011: All he wanted from me was to shoot him in the head.

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Al-Ajmi Al-Atiri, who led the arrest of Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi in 2011, relayed the details of the incident, revealing that the late Libyan leader’s son asked him to shoot him in the head at that time.
Colonel Al-Ajmi Al-Atiri, who led a battalion, said in an interview with the French magazine “John Afrique”: Between Wadi al-Shati and Wadi al-Hayat, there is an ambush in the Sand Valley with a group of Zintan warriors that I lead, and one of the Bergen tribesmen and its origin is from the south.
Al-Atiri went on to describe the events and “before dawn, at around 2 am, two four-wheel drive cars appeared among the dunes. They tried to resist and escape. There were some gunfights before it was stopped. There wasn’t much in them: two men in the first car, four in the second car.”
This field commander from the Zintan tribe said the following about the time of Seyfulislam’s arrest: We couldn’t see much in the dark night. I was the first to approach their convoy and eventually questioned someone who pointed it at me and said it was the sword of Islam. I saw him in person for the first time in my life. His head was covered with sand up to his eyebrows and he was wearing a white galabiya with a brown scarf around his neck. I was calm and happy because at that moment I thought that the arrest of Gaddafi’s second son would end the war and the rebellion.”
“When I saw that he was injured and his hand was bandaged, I immediately wanted to treat it,” the man said. But we didn’t have a first aid kit. Three of his fingers were cut off, he was injured in the abdomen and sides.
And Al-Ajami Al-Atiri reported that Saif al-Islam Gaddafi said he miraculously survived the NATO bombing that hit him. Twenty guards were killed a month ago. He also assured his kidnappers that he was not a fugitive, but that he was planning to have surgery in Niger and then return safely to Libya.
The leader of the arrest operation confirmed that, regarding media allegations that Gaddafi offered them money in exchange for his son’s release, Saif al-Islam said that this was not entirely true, but rather that “Saif al-Islam did not meet with us”. no money. What he wanted me to do was shoot him in the head. I said such a thing is against our principles and asked me to move to my hometown of Zintan.”
Further details of the incident, Al-Atari said: “We kept him at our headquarters in Ubari all night and we wanted… We sent a civilian plane to take us to Zintan, 170 kilometers from Tripoli. We set up an operating room and brought in top surgeons to operate on his extremely poor hand. The Public Prosecutor and the Judicial Police were notified.
A day after Saif al-Islam Muammar Gaddafi arrived in Zintan, he “had surgery for more than four hours and was kept under medical supervision every day for about two months. From the first days of his captivity, he talked to us about politics and swore that he never paid mercenaries Aliens to help his father. From the conversation I had with him, I understood that Muammar Gaddafi stood by him because he had no other choice. On the one hand, respect for the head of the family.

Source: Alayam

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