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New details on the life of Hadi Matar, accused of stabbing writer Salman Rushdie in his mother tongue

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Silvana Ferdous, mother of Hadi Matar, accused of stabbing British-Indian writer Salman Rushdie, has revealed new details about her son’s life.
Silvana Ferdous, in an interview with the Daily Mail, said she was “excited” for her son Hadi Matar’s return from her 2018 East trip, but instead, her son, an “introverted introvert”, returned and locked himself in the basement, refusing to speak to his family for months.
When FBI agents raided her home in Fairview, New Jersey, last Friday afternoon, she… When she first learned that her son had stabbed famed author Salman Rushdie, she announced that “an FBI agent had raided.” He took over his house and his son’s basement apartment with a computer Playstation, books, knives and a knife sharpener.”
“I got a call from my daughter.. I was at work and she told me the FBI was here.. I was so shocked.”
According to the “Daily Mail”, Silvana, who is Lebanese and Muslim, said she “…said that her son had read Rushdie’s book, but discovered that she had “become more religious since the trip, and didn’t know”. She criticizes him for not giving him a strict Islamic upbringing.
And she added, “I can’t believe she could do something like that.. She was so calm.. I love her.. she’s responsible for what she’s done..I have two other small children to take care of..They’re upset, shocked..all we can do is try to move on from this without her.”
Hadi Matar’s mother continued: “To be honest, I haven’t read any of his books (Salman Rushdi). ) I didn’t even know that such an author existed… definitely read his book.
According to Silvana, her son Hadi’s trip to Lebanon in 2018 was to visit his father, « Hadi went from a popular and charming son to a grumpy introvert.
And he continued: “The first hour he came to Lebanon, he called me. He wanted to return. He stayed.” For about 28 days, the journey did not go well with his father, he felt the loneliness severe. I expected him to return enthusiastically, complete his education, get his degree and job, but instead he locked himself in the basement…he changed a lot and didn’t say anything to me or his sisters for months. before.
And the mother added: “I cannot tell you about his life from now on because he has been isolating me since 2018. ..when I approach him, he sometimes says hello, sometimes he ignores me and walks away..sleeps during the day and wakes up at night and eats. Lives in the basement, cooks his own food.”
Silvana also discovered that her son had become more religious and criticized him for not giving him a strict Islamic education. Silvana prevented her from entering the basement just below the $700,000 four-bed house. Her 14-year-old twin sister, according to the Daily Mail.
“He once argued with me. He asked me why I encouraged him to study instead of focusing on religion. He got angry because I didn’t introduce him to Islam from his childhood,” said the mother.
“I’m Lebanese but I’ve been here for 26 years.. As a single mother, I live a simple life, a roof over our heads, I try to keep food on the table for my children.. I don’t.” I’m not interested in politics, I’m not religious, I was born a Muslim and that’s basically it. I didn’t sting, I didn’t force my son into anything.. I don’t know anyone in Iran, my whole family is here.”
According to the Daily Mail, Matar has never had a job, never had a girlfriend, But three months ago he joined a local boxing gym, suddenly canceling his membership. Wear different outfits that activate you to hope that Silvana is just a transitional stage.
His mother, an Arabic translator and tutor in high school, added: “When I heard him… Join the gym, I was happy..I was encouraging him to get a job and go back to school..it started already..he was working a job at Marshall a few months ago…even He shared with me that in September he will be going back to school and studying cybersecurity, which I am very excited about.”
He continued, “I felt like he was suffering from long-term depression and now it’s time to recover and return to life and his family.. I didn’t watch the video of what happened.. I don’t. I don’t want to..All I know is this..The FBI gave me a document that they took my computer, PlayStation, some books and some items like knives and sharpeners.” .
“I feel sorry for Mr. Rushdie. I hope he gets better, but there’s not much I can do.” He said or did it because it wasn’t my job.

Source: Alayam

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