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It happened in Egypt, they forgot a towel on his stomach, they killed him

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A woman from Egypt’s Dakahlia Governorate died in a tragic accident due to a medical error she had in a private hospital.
As a result of complications from the accident, the woman passed away after a medical error.
The Dakahlia Police Department also received a notification from the director of the Manzala police station that it had received a report from a worker that a gynecologist and obstetrician had caused the death of his wife as a result of a medical error.
A security force from the Manzala Police Department transferred the suspect to the hospital, where the husband told that he had taken his wife to the hospital. episode.
He added that the doctor gave birth by cesarean section and returned home after days of severe abdominal pain and was taken to the hospital for control.
Pus, impaired immunity and blood poisoning
At the time, tests confirmed it was a “towel” that caused pus in his stomach, impaired immune system, and blood poisoning, and he died a few hours later.
In addition, the police, who kept a report about the incident, took the doctor into custody. The prosecutor’s office also decided to keep him in detention for 4 days during the investigation.
And he asked the forensics to be appointed to prepare a report on the causes of death.

Source: Alayam

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