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Shoigu is a talking head: the media found out who really controls the Russian troops

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Journalists learned that Shoigu lied to Putin about the situation in Ukraine and promised to quickly complete all military tasks. Because of this, the confidence of the President of the Russian Federation in the head of the Ministry of Defense was lost. It got to the point where Putin publicly humiliated Shoigu.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has lost the confidence of President Vladimir Putin. This happened after the failure of the so-called “blitzkrieg” in Ukraine, as the Important News edition wrote.

It is reported that before the full-scale military invasion of the territory of Ukraine by the Russian Federation, Sergei Shoigu was considered a close friend of Putin. They often went to the mountains or to the taiga, where they had to discuss plans to quickly capture Ukraine.

The material says that not only did the FSB misinform Putin, but also Shoigu. He promised that with a peace army of contract soldiers he would be able to carry out all military missions in Ukraine and therefore there would be no need for a general mobilization.

However, all the Kremlin’s plans failed, as journalists wrote. Therefore, Putin tried to command the troops through generals, but later abandoned this idea. He decided to use Shoigu as a “talking head” to communicate with his military command.

Putin reportedly put Shoigu in an awkward position publicly in early July, emphasizing that he didn’t really need his reports. Then, in front of television cameras, when Shoigu reported to Putin that the Lugansk region of Ukraine had been captured, he noted that only Colonel General Alexander Pavlovich Lapin and Army General Sergei Vladimirovich Surovikin, who commanded on land, had already reported to him. about this.

Journalists, citing their sources in the Russian military, said it was unclear what role Shoigu played at the moment. Putin relied on practitioners who had proven themselves and were able to adapt to new circumstances.

Shoigu insists on general mobilization in Russia

The material says that even at the beginning of the war, Shoigu did not dare to tell Putin that the bridges should be fired with missiles. This angered the generals. It is also reported that the Russian military command is not satisfied with the very small number of soldiers. But Putin still vehemently opposes mobilization.

Moreover, as journalists wrote, Shoigu’s men even hired analysts to spread ideas about the need for mobilization in the public sphere. At that time, the so-called “correct” analytics could have landed on Putin’s desk, but such actions have yet to lead to anything.

Previously Focus He wrote that Shoigu found new reasons for his invasion of Ukraine. According to Shoigu, the Ukrainian leadership has created unacceptable conditions for Russia’s security.

We also recall that Russian arms sales abroad fell sixfold. According to Western experts, everyone was convinced how much Russian weapons lost to the Westerners.

Source: Riafan

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