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The Cage will be Netflix’s first production in Kuwait in collaboration with Abdullah Boushahri.

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The “Netflix” platform announced its new comedy drama on September 23, with the start of the presentation of the Kuwaiti drama “The Cage”. The exciting series features a selection of top Gulf stars such as Khaled Amin, Hussein Al-Mahdi and Rawan Mehdi, Lamia Tariq and Hessa Al-Nabhan in a work that offers viewers around the world more stories about the Arab world. The platform’s – Netflix – debut in Kuwait with eminent Kuwaiti producer Abdullah Boushahri.
And a report distributed by Netflix stated that the events of the series “The Cage” revolved around a marriage relations counselor (played by Khaled Amin). opinions of others to save their marriage over time The counselor himself has many difficulties in his personal life.
The events of the comedy drama reveal to us the couple’s relationship and the changes they went through over the decade of their marriage. The series also offers, over eight episodes, a new perspective on tackling the marital issues that the Arab drama deals with. In an entertaining framework close to viewers.
Abdullah Boushahri is the producer and Jassim Al-Muhanna is directing the series “The Cage”, which will be screened exclusively on Netflix on September 23.
The series “The Cage” is a new success in Netflix’s career in the region as more Arab storytellers continue to invest in supporting their voices. The series “The Cage” is only the beginning of its launch in the State of Kuwait. The work was carried out with a high level of production and technical specifications.
It is worth noting that Netflix productions move in two axes:
Netflix series and originals
And the series – The Cage – comes in collaboration with producer Abdullah Boushahri, who is one of Netflix’s products and presents a first in the State of Kuwait and a top hit in the past five years. Routine – Ve – conditional release – and – Al-Darfa – and – Mohammed Ali Rod (two parts) and – Al-Namos – significant and prominent productions among them, and these works have become widespread and have won a select number of awards and prizes. The program has been shown on the most important channels and platforms, including Netflix, which has developed a collaboration with Abdullah Boushahri – The Cage is making its debut in Kuwait, and a number of other productions are in preparation for new joint ventures.

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Source: Alayam

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