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Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic: how many Ukrainian children went to local schools

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The number of students in German educational institutions increased by 6.5 thousand compared to the previous week.

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Currently, about 180 thousand children from Ukraine are studying in German schools. This is reported by the Spiegel publication with reference to data from the Conference of Ministers of Education.

As noted, the number of Ukrainian students in the country’s general education institutions continues to increase.

So, last Sunday, September 11, the federal territory reported that 179,218 children from Ukraine are currently attending schools. Their numbers increased by 6431 compared to the previous week.

However, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg have not yet released their current data due to the summer holidays, so this figure could change significantly.

Journalists state that we are not only talking about secondary school students, but also vocational school students.

Ukrainian children in schools in Poland

In addition, it was previously known that 185,000 Ukrainian children attend schools in Poland this academic year. According to Polish Education Minister Przemysław Czarnek, this is 7,000 fewer than on June 24, when the academic year 2021-2022 ended.

Currently, about 700-800 thousand Ukrainian children of school age live in Poland. The vast majority of them continue their education remotely in the educational institutions of Ukraine.

Ukrainian children in Czech schools

In the new academic year, up to 60,000 Ukrainian refugee children attended schools in the Czech Republic.

According to Czech Minister of Education Vladimir Balash, the department expected more high school students in Czech schools than Ukrainians.

“We have more problems with middle school teenagers, it’s because they [в Украине] a different education system,” explained the Czech official.

He emphasized that some 17-year-old children from Ukraine did not apply to general education schools in the Czech Republic because they wanted to finish their education at home and study remotely.

Another reason why Ukrainian refugees do not send their children to local schools is the language problem.

Recall that from January 1, 2023, in Germany, payments to internally displaced persons from Ukraine will be changed. It is planned that Ukrainians in need of financial assistance will receive about 50 more euros.

Earlier we mentioned that the Ukrainian schoolboy Maxim Shumakov created a unique system for tracking drones. The device allows you to recover the drone even under the influence of enemy suppression means, thanks to unique algorithms.

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