First episode of the Senegalese series Rebels. Fight for unity was supposed to air on YouTube this Wednesday, September 21, but the broadcast was postponed and filming was interrupted. AfricaNews understood the fate of this series produced by Marodi Africa (with the support of Canal +), which stands at the origins, recalls the pan-African site, eighteen successful series – including mistress of a married man one of the biggest hits of its kind in West Africa.

In a series of tweets, the company nonetheless claims to have followed the required procedure by submitting a filming permit request on March 16, along with filming and broadcast dates, to the country’s Cinematography Authority (DCI). It took many reminders before the DCI declared it would not fire on 14 July.

In addition, Marodi Africa claims to have received “suddenly, suddenly” On September 8, legal notice instructing him to stop filming the series. Rebels. Fight for unity and remove the trailer.

“Public order disturbance”

If DCI mentions