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“This is grotesque”: Germany pressures Scholz to increase arms supplies to Ukraine – Politico

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The publication writes that Scholz’s policy on the supply of arms to Ukraine was criticized not only by the opposition, but also by members of this own coalition.

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At Thursday’s parliamentary session, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz received clear signals that he expects coalition partners to increase arms supplies to Ukraine. He writes the Politico publication about it.

Opposition MP Florian Hahn from the centre-right Christian Social Union said Germany was only “18th in the world” among the countries supplying weapons to Ukraine. reportedly opposed. He noted that although Estonia has a border with the Russian Federation, it is far ahead of Germany in arms supply.

The material said the opposition’s maneuvers were particularly dangerous for Scholz and his Social Democratic Party (SPD) because prominent politicians of the coalition partners, the Greens and the liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP), also demanded the surrender of the German Leopard battle tanks. “and the infantry fighting vehicle “Marder” to Kiev.

Journalists write that after 50 minutes of heated debate, the majority of MPs from the SPD, Greens and FDP voted to send the opposition’s proposal to foreign and economic affairs committees for further discussion. This delays the plenary vote of the text by several weeks.

The publication writes that SPD foreign policy spokesman Niels Schmid said the delay of the vote was justified by the opposition launching a political offensive, hoping to undermine the unity of the government.

Pressure from coalition partners

The publication writes that senior lawmakers from the Greens and the FDP openly did not approve of Chancellor Scholz’s position and emphasized that they wanted Germany to send more heavy weapons to Ukraine.

“As free democrats, we believe that in the current military situation, as Ukraine gradually retakes its territory, we should at least procure the Fuchs armored personnel carrier and the Marder infantry fighting vehicle – and if the situation requires it, the head of the defense committee of the Bundestag, Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann of the FDP , as well as the main battle of the Leopard tank.

Strack-Zimmermann cited Scholz’s reluctance to send tanks, referring to the “Zeitenwende”, a historic shift in German foreign and security policy that Scholz announced in February after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, citing Scholz’s reluctance to send tanks to other countries, including other countries. It is stated that he should not justify it by arguing that he is. Allies, like the United States, did not send modern tanks to Ukraine.

“Zeitenwende means not only doing more for the German armed forces, but also leading the way and not expecting our partners to make uncomfortable decisions from us.”

Greens spokesman Omid Nuripur issued a fierce attack on Social Democrats’ fears that supplying tanks to Ukraine could lead to an “irrational” escalation from Putin.

“The fact that our weapons will escalate shows that the Russian side needs excuses to raise tensions. It’s grotesque. Of course they don’t need excuses, there is aggression,” he said.

Previously Focus He reported that Germany has delivered the promised Mars II missile systems and 50 Dingo armored personnel carriers to Ukraine. The German Ministry of Defense reported that they have fulfilled their promises on the supply of weapons. And from the end of September, more Ukrainian defenders will be trained at German military bases.

We also remember that the EU wanted to accept a new package of sanctions against Russia, but Germany and Hungary were against it. According to Reuters sources, the EU is considering limiting oil prices, banning the export of high-tech products and expanding the list of sanctioned Russians.

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