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Ukraine Russia, today’s war news | It’s Putin’s Referenda Day, But Disagreements Grow in Russia

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• The war in Ukraine has reached the 212th day.

• Starting today, according to Putin’s announcement, there will be three days of voting in the separatist republics (largely occupied by Russian forces) Donetsk and Lugansk and in the Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions for annexation to Russia. The referenda according to the United States and the international community are a farce, but openly disturbing scenarios: once annexation to Moscow is declared, Russia could claim to defend the new areas against possible Ukrainian attacks by resorting to nuclear weapons, as already mentioned by Putin and explicitly threatened by several Kremlin members.
• According to Novaya Gazeta, Putin is preparing to recruit a million reservists, the Kremlin denies and recruits the detainees for protests.
• What is the partial mobilization that Putin has ordered in Russia (and why it is a declaration of war).
• 125 Ukrainian soldiers returned home during yesterday’s prisoner exchange with Moscow. Among these 5 commanders of the Azovstal. Kiev: “Many have been tortured.”

05:15 – Poroshenko: Erdogan can negotiate peace

(Francesco Battistini, sent to Kiev) Mr Poroshenko, in the Donbass you exchanged many prisoners of war with Putin …

“Under my presidency, more than 4,000 prisoners. In these seven months less than 500”.

Different situations?

“Everything changed. But there is one thing in common: the role of Erdogan. It was he who reached an agreement for the Crimean Tatars. And even then there was a first direct negotiation between Putin and Erdogan. Now the script has been repeated on the summit in Samarkand ».

Thus began Corriere della Sera’s exclusive interview with Petro Poroshenko, former president of Ukraine.

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05:15 – Russia, now Putin wants to tax the extra profit on energy

(Federico Fubini) Three days ago, Kommersant published a rumor that says more about sanctions against Russia than they know European governments who decided them. He is writing the Moscow newspaper that the government “the intake on the Russian gas and oil companies of three trillion rubles “that is, of 50 billion euros: an enormous amount, in an economy smaller than Italy’s. But if the Kremlin he is thinking of taxing extra profits on energy, it is not to help families or companies: he needs resources to throw into the war, because European measures are starting to bite into his budget.

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05:15 – THE MILITARY POINT – When will the effects of partial mobilization be seen?

(Andrea Marinelli and Guido Olimpio) The partial mobilization ordered by Vladimir Putin on Wednesday has immediate effect, but it can take months to see the effects – if they ever get anything – about the fighting in Ukraine.

This, in short, is the thinking of the analysts who have spent months studying the military’s behavior in the field and who they regard the Russian president’s call to arms as a move to increase tensions and to get out of the predicament his soldiers found themselves in after the Russian counter-offensive. According to some, it is also possible that this human mass – 300 thousand reservists, which should be added to the 150/190 thousand already in Ukraine – serve to create a new deadlock before winter, slowing the advance of the resistance. Moscow knows it cannot reverse the situation, this is the premise, but it can crystallize it.

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05:13 – Zelensky for the Russians: protest against the mobilization for war

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on the Russians to protest against the partial mobilization decided by Moscow. “For men in Russia, it’s a choice: die or live, become crippled or stay healthy. For women in Russia, the choice is to lose their husbands, children, grandchildren forever, or at least try to protect them from death, from war,” she said. “55,000 Russian soldiers died in this war in six months. Tens of thousands injured, maimed. Do you want more? No? So protest, fight, flee! Or surrender to Ukrainian captivity,” he added. “These are the options for survival.”

05:10 – CNN: Putin sends direct orders to generals on the battlefield

Russian President Vladimir Putin gives direct orders to generals involved in the war in Ukraine. CNN reports this, citing two Western intelligence sources. Such orders “suggest a dysfunctional chain of command” that weighed on the military operation, a source said. Other sources close to US intelligence services told CNN of “significant differences” about where Russia’s efforts should be concentrated. Finally, a senior NATO official stressed that Russian authorities are struggling to find a scapegoat for the mistakes made on the ground. “Kremlin officials and state media pundits are fervently discussing the reasons for the failure in Kharkov and, as usual, the Kremlin appears to be trying to shift responsibility from Putin and the Russian military,” he stressed.

05:10 – Conte: “We will not vote to send weapons to Ukraine”

“No, we will not vote to send weapons. We don’t want this war anymore, Washington can’t decide,” said Giuseppe Conte, leader of the 5 Star Movement, interviewed in “Piazza Pulita”, on La7. “We have always given Ukraine full support. I was for sending weapons. It was a difficult and painful choice. I said we should try to understand what the political strategy is ». According to Conte, it is necessary to seek a de-escalation in the conflict because “no one can guarantee that Putin will not use the nuclear weapon”. Conte also stated that “we have always signed the sanctions. Sanctions should not be an end, but a means to try to restore a dialogue ».

Source: Corriere

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