About his feelings for the European Union, Georgia Meloni recently recalled during an election rally: “I was told, you know, that in Europe they are a little worried about Meloni, what will happen next? What will happen is that the party is over: Italy, too, will defend its national interests, as others do, and then look for common solutions.” The statement that represents the ideal concentrate of the philosophy of the Fratelli d’Italia (FDI) leader in relation to Brussels.

It no longer faces the question of leaving the EU, which would be an unpopular choice. But the criticism from Brussels has not gone away, addressed to the “heavyweights” who govern the EU. And to the values ​​they defend, believe to know The keeper. “We can’t help but worry about Meloni. She wants to be the leader of today’s radical right, a right that is moving away from Western demands for universal rights and the protection of minorities.” British newspaper protests.

Thus, Meloni weaves hopeful speeches in vain, the progressive newspaper invites us to have no doubt “the threat that [’elle] presents”: “His long-term strategy will be to sway EU values ​​in his favor.”

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