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Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Morocco are at the top of the global economic indicators

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Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) held the annual conference titled “India’s Intellectual Leadership Initiative, LEADS 2022 (Leadership, Excellence, Adaptability, Diversity, Sustainability)” held on 21/9/2022 this year. His Excellency Ambassador / Head of League of Nations Mission Youssef Mohamed Jamil spoke at the key opening session in New Delhi on the future of policy making Al-Arabiya and highlighted the importance of global economic and trade relations. The economy of Arab countries is based on diversity and inclusivity and the adoption of laws and regulations in line with regional and global variables and challenges to improve economic relations with various countries of the world, citing a report by the Arab University. Countries collaborating with the relevant institutions of the United Nations in the realization of sustainable development plans focused on providing an integrated framework for advancing goals is to benefit from their experience, expertise and examples of success in encouraging measures to implement sustainable development goals in order to achieve sustainable development and greater development and prosperity.
Also in his speech, he pointed out that a number of Arab countries such as the Kingdom of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have advanced positions in indicators of economic growth and development, economic freedom, financial stability and digital financial transformation. It is specialized according to reports published by the USA and the Arab Republic of Egypt, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and international institutions and organizations.
His Highness touched upon the reality and future of the Arab economy among the advantages, challenges and achievements, drawing on lessons and previous experience and the scope of providing the Arab region with a strong economy based on economies of knowledge, artificial intelligence and innovation. and what global markets need in proportion to the relative and competitive advantages, strengths and imbalances of Arab countries based on modern means of production Influencing and being affected by regional and global problems, keeping pace with regional and global changes and challenges, in addition to a comprehensive modernization of economic policies and systems .
Concerning the role of women in Arab countries, she explained that Arab countries are interested in women’s participation in all aspects, including the political and economic sphere, which has recently had a large presence. their contributions doubled.
It is worth noting that this year’s LEADS 2022 conference is held as a strategic platform to “re-imagine the world” for global economic prosperity. The event was an opportunity to meet and share experiences with business leaders, influencers and decision makers in order to achieve business excellence. It was based on diversity and sustainability.

Source: Alayam

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