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North Korean propaganda mistakenly showed media the only daughter of Kim Jong-un (photo)

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Kim Joo Ae is allegedly the name of the only known child of the North Korean dictator. At the National Day celebration, the camera only caught her face among the chorus of girls singing over and over.

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According to experts from China, the only known daughter of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un appears in footage of local propaganda channels. In early September, a girl in her 10s sang along with other children at the National Day celebrations. Reported by The Mirror.

Kim Joo Ae is allegedly the name of the North Korean leader’s only known child. One of the analysts, nicknamed Samhero, noted in his InDPRK article how Eun’s wife gently extended her arms to the girl after the concert, while the other children gathered around Juche and jumped for joy.

The woman too put her hand on the boy’s back, talked to him, and stopped speaking only when the other girl had to let her husband pass.

During the choir chants, the director’s camera captured only one girl’s face, lingered on it for a few seconds, and was back again.

The researcher also noted unusual features in the child’s appearance. Of all, only one girl had loose hair and white stockings.

Kim Jong-un and the First Lady were clearly very enthusiastic about the children’s performance. At one point, the camera suddenly switched from Who’s to a close-up of the boy.

They also showed Kim Ye-jong, the sister of the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, who wiped her tears while watching the performance.

Some researchers also pointed out that the girl in question only performed once at the celebration. It was allegedly the day his father was in the hall. She was gone during the show the next day.

Michael Madden, an expert on the family of North Korean leaders, said Kim’s daughter must be about 10 years old, about the same age as the boy who sang at the National Day concert recently.

Madden revealed that the dictator’s wife, Ri Sol-ju, also appeared on numerous television shows before being officially named a member of the Kim family.

At the same time, the expert warns that overexposure to first-person children in North Korea is fraught with serious risks. Potential enemies from the local elite may organize the kidnapping of a child to gain some benefits for themselves.

According to some intelligence, Kim Jong-un has three children: two daughters and a son.

The internet also discusses the mysterious comrade of DPRK dictator Kim Jong-un. Presumably, this is her half-sister Kim Seol-seo.

Previously Focus reported that the DPRK would self-destruct after a preemptive nuclear strike. To deter Kim Jong-un from using nuclear missiles, the South Korean leadership, together with the United States, will expand its capabilities for preemptive and retaliatory attacks.

Source: Riafan

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